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Alaurco provides integral services for communication, marketing and commercial representation. Th...

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EPLACE is comprised of 10 beneficiaries from Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland, and Germany who aim to pro...

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Isofacto is an innovative and powerful software application created for the complete process mana...

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Logo animation for Funciona, a studio based in Madrid dedicated to interactive software developme...

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Canguro TV

A series of bumpers for the Youtube channel Canguro TV, which makes videos about different topics...

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Everyday Design

Everyday Design is my first Motion Graphics I made during the course of Motion Design. The video ...

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Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics allows you to show in a visual, entertaining and intuitive way the...
Video editing
Get in touch with your audience through video, engaging them and increasing your w...
Logo animation
Do you want your logo to be more fun and memorable? Animated logos are a cool way ...
Gifs are a concise, direct and brief way to send a message. It can increase your p...

Awards and mentions

Winner of the 5th BID_est

Winner at the students category “Digital and Audiovisual Design” of the 5th BID get-together for Ibero-American design schools in 2013. The winning project was the Motion Graphics “Daily Design” which I made during my design course in 2012.

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Anuaria Awards

Finalist at the category “Best project carried out by a senior design student” of Anuaria Awards in 2013. The winning project was the Motion Graphics “Daily Design” which I made during my design course in 2012.

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Agripina Advertising Awards

Finalist at the students category of Agripina Advertising Awards in 2013.

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"Anna was a pleasure to work with! We had a very tight timeline and several very complex concepts that needed to be captured in video info clips. Anna was able to take our initial guidance + sketches and deliver well above our highest expectations!"

George Zviagin

Ra Power Management

"We liked a lot working with Anna! She is effective, her designs and animations are always fresh and her attitude is positive. We will definitely rely on her for future jobs!"

Jaime Olmedo

Prodisa Comunicación

"We received great attention and excellent results from Anna. She showed a great interest in helping us with our projects and has almost become one of the team. We can always trust the work will be well done and on time."

Aaron Rodríguez


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